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Very long wheel base: 1971 Matra M530 LX

The Matra M530 (in this case in the “LX” version) is a particular car: you love it or you hate it but it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. This car is the French equivalent of the Fiat X1/9 or the Volkswagen-Porsche 914. Surely among the three cars the M530 is the worst one, for reasons related […]

Burgundy special: 1963 Siata 1300 TS Coupé by Michelotti

This is one of the few existing 1300 TS Siata, built on the basis of the Fiat 1300/1500 and designed by Michelotti. And it has also been completely restored! It is not a small thing because the restoration of a classic car, if done well, is very expensive and certainly in this case, the seller […]

Well known: 1968 Abarth 1000 TCR

The owner of this rare Abarth 1000 TCR (where “R” is for “Radiale”, the term used to describe the hemi combustion chamber) says that this is a true works car and is well known throughout Europe. Now, we could be wrong but we believe that just about twenty TCRs were produced by the factory and […]