Historic Vehicle Registration

Historic Registration is available from Queensland Transport provided you are a member of the Fiat Car Club of Queensland and that your vehicle is over thirty years old. This of course now means that many interesting Fiat models are eligible for the concession, and members and prospective members are encouraged to put their classic Fiat onto historic plates.

There are restrictions on usage, but in general you are allowed to use the car as follows –

  • For road testing and service within a limited distance from your home
  • To drive to a service facility for service, restoration or repair
  • To participate in any club events, including day runs, displays, swap meets etc

Of course you are not restricted to your own club’s events, so the vehicle can be used to attend events organised by other clubs as well. Once the vehicle is on Histroric Registration it is also eligible for concessional insurance rates through classic car insurance specialists such as Shannons.

To apply for Historic Registration of your Fiat, you must first join the Fiat Car Club of Queensland, then obtain a letter from the club stating that you are a financial member and certifying that your vehicle is over thirty years old. This can be done through any of the three following contacts.

If your car is already listed on the club database contact the Membership Secretary.

The Historic Registration centres can organise your membership, inspect and certify your vehicle and issue the appropriate paperwork for you to take to Transport to obtain your concessional registration, all in the one visit.

Remember that the only criteria from Transport is that the vehicle is over thirty years of age, condition or type have no bearing (obviously safety certificates are still necessary).  More information can be found here.