2018's most popular cars in Europe by market segment

We’ve teamed up with industry analyst JATO Dynamics to bring you the best-selling cars in Europe by bodystyle. Take a look through to see the winner of each segment Want to know what the best-selling SUV is in Europe? How about the most popular sports car? The top SUV, MPV or sports car? The answers […]

“I’ve found the Zero” “I’ve found the Zero”...

“I’ve found the Zero” “I’ve found the Zero” shouted Count Felice di Tocco to his wife, when he found a Fiat Zero abandoned in the middle of a field. … Via:: “I’ve found the Zero” “I’ve found the Zero”…

Alfa Romeo Mito to be axed in early 2019

Alfa Mito will be withdrawn and not replaced With demand for three-door cars waning, Alfa Romeo will instead focus on a new era of SUVs and sports cars The Alfa Romeo Mito will be canned early next year as the brand makes way for a new era of SUVs and sports cars, Europe boss Roberta […]

James Ruppert: why it's a good time to buy used

Nab a 2002 BMW 330Ci Convertible for a mere £2500 It’s a buyer’s market for used cars right now but it won’t last It’s pretty much that time of year when everyone is going on holiday. The nippers are off school and having the time of their lives. Those two significant events, or rather family […]

Lancia Stratos: driving the reborn '70s rally car

Carbonfibre upper structure increases the stiffness of the MAT Stratos by 50%… Having wowed rally fans in the 1970s with its jaw-dropping looks and Dino V6 soundtrack, the Stratos is back, thanks to MAT and the Ferrari F430 This is an idea that doesn’t want to die. Here we are, about to drive the third […]